What is the procedure to get kaspersky activation code?

In order to get your kaspersky security software into proper working condition you need to activate it after installation for which one needs the activation code

Steps to be followed to find the activation code are as follows-

1-      You may check your Kaspersky account and get your activation code from there but you will only get your activation code from there if you have fulfilled the registration formalities after installation.

- -    You can also get the activation code from another system on which kaspersky is already installed if you already have its license number.

3-      If you have bought it from the Kaspersky  Lab E- store then you can also get the activation code from your order details.

4-      If it is bought from any other online website then that same website can be used to recover the activation code.

Steps to recover kaspersky from ‘’My kaspersky ‘’
1-      Sign in ‘’My kaspersky’’

2-      Click on the option’’ licenses’’ appearing at the top

3-      The activation code registered on your account will appear on the pop up window

If activation still seems a big issue connect to the expert at kaspersky  contact number uk.

Steps to follow to recover code from another computer

In order to get the activation code from another computer you first need to obtain the license info

Steps to be followed for that are as follows

1-      In the main window open your Kaspersky lab product

2-      Click on the support option appearing in the lower part of the main window

3-      In the new window pop up you will get to see your license number.

4-      Provide your activation code while requesting for activation.

If you are still unable to get your kaspersky activated it is advisable to get in touch with the expert at Kaspersky support number UK for more accurate and proper guidance.


  1. For Kaspersky Support Contact Kaspersky Customer Service Phone Number : 0800-014-8929.
    Kaspersky UK


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